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Agreement to Reimburse Ontario Works

15.1 (1) If an applicant, beneficiary or spouse included in the benefit unit has applied for income support under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997, the administrator may require, as a condition of eligibility for basic financial assistance, that the member of the benefit unit or the person authorized to act on behalf of that member, undertakes in writing to reimburse the support in whole or in part. if, in the final decision on the application under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997, it is determined that the applicant, beneficiary or spouse is not eligible for support under that Act. 4. If a person who has entered into an agreement under subsection (1) receives money to which the agreement applies, the person shall reimburse the delivery person, in accordance with the agreement, for the basic financial assistance paid since the date of the event. as a result of which the money is due or due. (9) For the purposes of subsection 19(2) of the Act, the prescribed amount of the overpayment is the amount that would have been payable to the administrator on the basis of an agreement entered into in accordance with subsection 1. (b) the member of the performance unit received the money from the person or organization and failed to transfer it to the administrator in accordance with the agreement. 5. Where the amount of repayment is due in several months, the amount reimbursed for each month shall be the lower of (6) The agreement on repayment, approval and instruction and allocation may be retroactive, prospective or both. 2. The amount of reimbursement required by an agreement referred to in paragraph 1 shall be the lower of point 15. 1.

Where the money is due and due or may become due and is due to a member of a benefit unit who, if it had been received, would have been or would have been included as income for the calculation of income assistance payable for the benefit unit: the administrator may, as a condition of entitlement to basic financial assistance, require the member of the benefit unit or the person authorized to act on behalf of that member to agree in writing to repay all or part of the assistance paid when the money is due. (2) An agreement referred to in subsection 1 may require an assignment in accordance with the prescribed provisions. 1. In certain circumstances, an administrator shall require an applicant, beneficiary, dependant or designated person to agree to reimburse the administrator for assistance provided or to be provided, as a condition of providing basic financial support. If you do not respect the agreement, OT will say that you have an overpayment. And they will take steps to collect the money you owe. (a) the obligation to repay the assistance provided from the date of the event which led to the due date and the due date of the amount of money; A completed refund agreement or order is irrevocable. (a) the financial assistance granted to the benefit unit in the months in which the asset limit set out in subsection 38(2) was applied to the benefit unit under the application under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997; and (d) income support under the Ontario Disability Support Program Act, 1997, which may be provided to a person, is not a financial resource to which that person is entitled. The amount of the contract must not exceed the amount of aid granted for the same period.

(b) that portion of the income from work, pension income or other prescribed income paid for a period after the period in which the person receives support. . (b) the value of the assets of the benefit unit which, at the date of the final application, exceeded the asset limit set out in Article 38(1). 7. Paragraph 1 shall apply to income or property, but not to funds that would be exempted as income or property for the purpose of determining eligibility for basic financial assistance. (b) the amount of basic financial assistance for that month. To prove that you agree, you must sign a form called a refund agreement. It is a promise that from the money you receive in the future, you will repay what you owe in aid. (a) a payment that would be exempt as income or property under this Act or the regulations; or (8) A member of a benefit unit is not entitled to basic financial assistance only because a person or body has not deducted and transferred money on the basis of an authorization and instruction or assignment made under this section, unless 13.

(1) If the administrator is not satisfied that a member of a performance unit is making reasonable efforts to receive compensation or to realize a financial resource or income to which the person is entitled or to which the person is entitled, the administrator may find that the person is not entitled to basic financial assistance or reduce the amount of basic financial assistance granted by the amount of compensation. financial resources or revenues that it believes are available or would have been available if reasonable efforts had been made to maintain or realize them. (a) the absence of deduction and transfer of input VAT is caused by the partner of the supply unit; or applicants and participants who refuse to allocate income are not entitled to social assistance. This section is an excerpt from the Works of Ontario Act, 1997, which was prescribed by the Province of Ontario. Applicants and participants cannot choose to use social assistance as an alternative to reasonable efforts to find alternative financial means. Social assistance may be refused, terminated or reduced by the amount otherwise determined (“presumed income”). (b) the proceeds of a loan secured under section 8 of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act or a loan under the Canada Student Financial Assistance Act is a financial resource to which a member of a merit unit is entitled if he or she participates full-time in a post-secondary institution; (a) any remuneration or contribution to the support or retention of a member of the Benefits Unit that may result from a commitment made to that member under the Immigration Act (Canada) or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) constitutes compensation or a financial resource to which the person is entitled; The Clerk shall notify the candidates and participants: (3) Approval, instruction and assignment in accordance with this section are irrevocable. (b) an authorization and instruction to the person or body to whom the money is to be paid to deduct the money and to pay it directly to the delivery person; and as a condition of eligibility, all persons, including dependants, are expected to make reasonable efforts to achieve all the financial means to which they are entitled. Tasks must be performed when income is expected to be due or due for the period in which support was or will be provided.

(a) the portion of the amount received that is attributable to that month; and (c) an old-age pension under the Canada Pension Plan or the Quebec Pension Plan offered to a person before the month in which the person reaches age 65 is not a financial resource to which the person is entitled; and…

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