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Agreement To Reimburse Ontario Works

(b) the member of the benefit unit was able to receive the money from the person or agency and not transfer it to the manager in accordance with the agreement. 15.1 (1) Where an applicant or a beneficiary or a spouse included in the benefit unit has claimed income under the Ontario Sustainability Support Program Act, 1997, the administrator may require, in order to receive basic financial assistance, that the member of the benefit unit or the person authorized to act for that member consent in writing, repay all or part of the aid. if, at the time of the final decision on the application under the Ontario Capacity Support Act, 1997, it is determined that the applicant, recipient or spouse is not entitled to income assistance under this Act. On the Steps to Justice website, you will now find information on additional payments and social assistance reimbursement agreements. 15. 1. Where the money is due or due, or may be due to, a member of a benefit unit who, if received, would have been or would have been taken into account as income for the calculation of the income allowance to be paid for the benefit unit, the administrator may require, as a precondition for entitlement to the basic financial allowance, the member of the benefit unit or the person: who is entitled to act on beance of that member, agrees in writing to reimburse all or part of the assistance paid when the money is due. 13. 1.

In certain circumstances, an administrator requires, as a precondition to entitlement to basic financial assistance, an applicant, beneficiary, creditor or regulated person to agree to repay the assistance provided or to be provided to the administrator. As of April 1, 2001, a participant must agree in writing to reimburse the lower amount of the total amount paid or an amount equal to the value of the assets exceeding OW`s asset threshold if it is not used for ODSP. 5. If the amount reimbursed is due for several months, the amount reimbursed for each month shall be the lowest amount of, 4. Where a person who has concluded an agreement pursuant to paragraph 1 receives money to which the contract relates, the person shall, in accordance with the agreement, have the deliverer who, from the date of the event leading to the maturity of the money: to repay or repay the basic financial assistance paid. 13. A payment to be made under one of the following agreements in which the Province of Ontario participates: (2) An agreement under subsection 1 may require an assignment, as prescribed. 6.

The repayment, authorisation and management agreement and the transfer may be retroactive, forward-looking or both. 10K payments made by Ontario or Canada under an Aboriginal Land Rights Payment Agreement. Go to to start your online social assistance application. The request is as follows: a repayment or assignment agreement concluded is irrevocable. If you do not respect the agreement, OW will say that you have an overpayment. And they`re going to take steps to collect the money you owe. OW applicants and participants who apply to the ODSP and who own assets exceeding the OW asset threshold but which are within the limits of THE ODSP assets, must agree, as a condition of eligibility, to repay financial assistance if they are not eligible for the ODSP. . . .

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