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Waterloo Fire Department Collective Agreement

17.6.1 The JJEC is composed of ten (10) representatives of the Association selected by the WLUSA Board of Directors to represent the diversity of the members, their departments and the work performed, and ten (10) representatives of the University selected by the Vice-President: Finance and Administration from among the departments employing Members of the Union. The city`s firefighters will receive wage increases of 2.75% for 2015, 2.48% for 2016 and 2.26% for 2017. 10.3 In the event that an employee of the University who is not covered by this Agreement goes on legal strike and maintains picket lines, the members covered by this Agreement shall not be required or obliged to perform the work normally performed by such employees, except for members who manage or supervise the work of employees covered by the terms of another collective agreement. Following each announcement of a new campus, the parties agree to a meeting to discuss and consider the possible renewal of the current WLUSA certificate and possible changes to the existing WLUSA collective agreement. These discussions are not binding on the university and the association. 3.5.3 When transferring the amounts referred to in article 3.5.1, the university shall communicate electronically to the association, for each member: name; professional title; the definition of the position referred to in Article 12(1); Division; hours worked; gross salary; and deducted contributions/taxes. The university will indicate at any time, at the same time as the monthly transfer of contributions, the names, the gross salary and the contributions / predispositions deducted from the members. If the university should be delayed in making additional information available, the association undertakes not to mourn. The university will provide this information and any corrections as soon as possible.

30.2.1 A remedy is defined as a dispute or disagreement resulting from the interpretation, application, management or alleged breach of the provisions of this Agreement. Any reference in an article to the right to grieve by a member or by the association serves only to emphasize. The absence of a right of appeal in an article does not prevent a member or the association from filing or dealing with a complaint […].

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