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Tesco Mobile Telecoms Agreement

It`s a nightmare. I would give it 0 stars if I could. On November 9, during Lockdowns 2, I had a new iPhone, but I had to sort it out myself. Somehow, I managed to block it, so I took it back the next day so they could sort it out. In short, they weren`t able to do that and told me I had to use a LapTop or PC to unlock it, which I had none of, or I had to put it in an Apple store. They gave me back my disinfected phone which didn`t work. After further conversations with Tesco Mobile and an online chat, I tried to contact Apple and was put in touch with someone in Southeast Asia who said we could do it with an iPad. 45 minutes later, he gave up and told me I had to go to an Apple store or use a laptop or PC. During the lockdown, I ask you? Nearest Apple Shop at 38 miles. When I was asked to give an opinion on the service, I tried to fill out his questionnaire three times, but I was dismissed in time, and the third time I suggested that they call me, that they have my number. Tesco Mobile has no news.

This is not recommended. You must ensure that the data you have provided during registration or at all times is accurate and complete. You may not register another person`s mobile device on any part of the Tesco mobile site without their permission. We believe that mobile networks should be more rewarding. That`s why we give you double Clubcard points every time you pay your bill in our stores, online or with us. To sign up for Clubcard double points and more, simply go to the Tesco Mobile app or I used Tesco Mobile for my phone and four kids for about a decade. Okay, until I switch phones to another provider. Tesco decided to change my security contact without permission on one of my children`s phones who lives with my ex 90% of the time.

My ex controls my account. Tesco was useless. They told me their GTC thirteen times, but did nothing to help or change the situation. They keep saying they can`t change it for security reasons, when they`ve already done it without my permission. Despite the account in front of the phone. They also told me incredibly that they could change it on one of the other kids` phones. WTH? They then wrongly stated that the PIN code sent to the phone was unique, even though she asks me every time. When I told them to stop wasting my time and find a solution, they closed the case. This is serious? Is it your customer service? Hello Tesco, I took my older parents to buy a mobile phone in the Haydock store on December 7th. The employees were absolutely brilliant, they went above and beyond to help my parents buy a phone. Young lady also has all the phone numbers of my parents in a new phone 📱 fantastic service thank you Beverley Thank you for using this service for your own mobile device or with the permission of the owner. Your rate is the cost of your usage and your phone.

If you use our Anytime upgrade rate, you can have two rates. one for use and the other for the credit agreement. With a Bill Pay plan, you can select a mobile phone and a monthly quota of data, minutes, and texts based on your needs. Check out our selection of 24-month payment plans today. Thank you for choosing Tesco Mobile. You have made a good choice. With 97% coverage for 4G data, cheap plans and phones, and award-winning customer service, we hope you`ll enjoy our mobile phone network. Click below for many tips and advice to make it easier for you to enter and find answers to our most frequently asked questions. It`s a mobile virtual network operator – or MVNO – which means it uses O2`s network to offer mobile phone plans rather than exploiting its own. These plans have a number of unique features, for example. B Clubcard points, caps to prevent you from spending too much, and much more.

I wish I had read the reviews before signing up for a sim-only deal with this company that I would never have trusted them. I asked him to transfer PAC to my old number to save me trouble. What a joke, they transferred my number to a number of about thirty digits that they invented. .

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