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Ted And Robin Agreement

I think it`s a good idea, just ask if anyone has a similar arrangement with someone in their life! As long as he hopes that he and Robin will be together, he will cling to it with all his might. With Ted and Robin both failing, they decided to make a deal. They promised themselves that they would marry if none of them married, if they were 40 years old. While this can sometimes be seen in movies and other shows, there`s a big question – does it end well? In “How I Met Your Mother,” Ted and Robin agree to get married when they`re single at 40. In The Locket, Ted has the pencil of the race car and pulls Lily out of her car to give Robin her present. It is revealed that the locket was not in the box and that it could be Los Angeles in Stella`s storage unit. Ted gives Robin a picture of the whole group from 8 years ago as a wedding present instead of his medallion. Later, he promises Lily he won`t do anything crazy this weekend. It`s revealed that Ted bought a ticket to L.A. four days ago. In The Final Page – Part Two, Ted Robin tells that Barney will propose Patrice and that she should stop him (meaning he let Robin go).

At the end of the episode, he is seen looking out the window of the new GNB building, with a sad look on his face since he is now the only bachelor of his friends. In The End of the Aisle, Robin Panik about her marriage (predicted in False Positive), in this state of panic, she realizes that it was Ted who spotted her locket (it is revealed that Ted jumped off the bridge to fetch the medallion) and thinks, because of her stressful state, that it could be a sign that she should not marry Barney and that she should marry Ted. Ted tells Robin he doesn`t want to hear that, that he loves Barney and that he would never do that to her. In her panic, she thinks of running away, she initially thinks she should run away with Ted and move with him to Chicago, but if he doesn`t agree, she decides to run, but her fears are invoked by Barney`s wishes to be honest with her and realizes that she still has affectionate feelings for Barney, can you think of other things that make no sense to Robin and Ted in How I Met Your Mother? Let us know in the comments! It`s a stupid idea, and that`s why he broke that pact.

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