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Stoke On Trent Council Tenancy Agreement

Starter Tenancy – if this is your first lease with us, you will probably have a Tenancy starter. During this period, some of your rights as tenants are restricted, for example, you do not have the right to buy your house or exchange real estate. These rights are reintroduced after the expiry of the starter rental period. . They also have the right to succeed. This means that a member of your family has been living with you for at least 12 months to assert the right to succeed to your lease to the company. Finally, tenants of the municipality have the right to buy their own house. All other authorized payments that are not included above, in the event of a breach or in accordance with applicable law, including contractual damages. These may be reasonable costs or losses resulting from the loss of keys, security features and changes to the rental agreement or early termination if the lessor agrees that they can be carried out within the permitted limits. If the board after 12 months does not try to dislodge you, you will be a safe or flexible tenant. Some boards require tenants to ask for permission for certain types of work, so it`s always best to check first! If tenants cannot or cannot pay, they are protected from payment arrears and rent violations. You may have a joint rental agreement and want to transfer your other half to your rental partner. Or you can apply for a joint lease for the first time.

All rental amendments must be in writing. It should be noted, however, that the purchase of communal housing may be accompanied by a “high service charge”. All apartments are purchased and have a base rent of £10. According to the government`s advice, you can rent rooms, but you can`t apply for the entire property, buy your home, trade with another tenant, transfer the lease to someone else in certain circumstances, or make improvements. If they decide not to renew your lease, they must state a reason and you can challenge the decision. We included them in your rental agreement and told you about them before you moved in. Here is a reminder of some of the important points For more information on the buy-in right of the city council, click here. Transferring your lease or adding another person to the lease City Council is traditionally responsible for major repairs, while you are supposed to get a key cut, repair minor damage or replace curtain bars. At the end of your lease period, the Board may offer you another term, offer a secure lease, or decide not to renew it. Let us know if anything needs to be repaired and keep your property in the condition you were in at the beginning of your lease.

You are responsible for decorating and replacing smaller household items and anything else you have accidentally damaged. We may need access from time to time to inspect furniture and perform services or repairs, and we will always try to make an appointment with you. If you have spent more than 12 months in the property, you will automatically become a so-called “safe” or “flexible” lease – and these in turn affect your rights. During the lease (payable to the agent) payment of interest for the late payment of the rent of 3% above the bank of England base rate. During the rental, if the incidental costs are eligible and applicable – Gas, electricity, water and wastewater As a tenant of the municipality, your rights may vary depending on the lifetime at your address. Your rental agreement can end with a period of four weeks if the Council evacuates you, if the property needs to be renovated or if you transfer. In addition to paying the rent, you may also need to make the following payments, which are permitted by the Tenant Fees Act 2019. Before the lease starts (payable Goodchilds Stoke-on-Trent “the agent”) Every situation is different, so please contact us if you have any questions you think could affect your tenancy or benefit rights….

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