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Sober Living Rental Agreement

I`m just curious. I lived in a nursing home in York, PA. I went there for 19 days. I stayed sober and I`m still sober. I first had to change my insurance in York County before creating I.O.P. and getting help with the creation. The landlord knew I had no family to help me pay the rent. My mother died when I was 16 and my father 11 months ago. When I was an only child, I had no one to help me pay the rent. I came back from rehabilitation for 3 months, halfway House for 3 months, but because of Covid-19, halfway House was put on Quantine.

So we were not allowed to work. He finished the house halfway and walked to this nursing home. In the meantime, try to find work. I was told that I was kicked out of there on the 19th day and that I had 15 to 20 minutes to pack and leave. Nowhere. Can my landlord evict me from a sober house because I tested positive for benzos and didn`t take benzos, I took another urine for my doctor the same day, and nothing but my prescribed medications got to a normal level, and nothing but the owner says I failed for benzos, and his lab looked at him and I abused Oxazepam, Temazepam like crazy drugs I`ve never heard of, so he says I came for methamphetamine amphetamines, amphetamines and marijuana when I tested positive for benzos first and foremost? What? It`s absolutely asinine. And he says his little rinky Dink Labor is more prestigious than the laboratory at Boston Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in the world. I have a good reason to be made. You think I have a legitimate argument, I think I need to seek legal advice. Each return is very much appreciated.

Hello, I really need help with this crazy thing. I got a bed in this sober house called Haven of Hope, and upon delivery of the move-in fee, I was told it had happened to go up to $550, but I only had $350 at the time. So I was called the next day to the manager`s office to check the rules and payment/plan issues. That was actually what I had to think about what was going to happen. Instead, she fired me for little things like turning on lights, being too noisy, and smoking in the area provided for that purpose after 11 p.m. So I said wow, okay, I can give myself my deposit, considering I didn`t even go for a full 24 hours. .

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