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Serious Violation Of The Microsoft Services Agreement

As a result of my request, Microsoft Team did not provide details of the above information. All I was told was that the account is closed and cannot be reactivated because of violations. I`ve read the whole code of conduct – a lot of times! And I can`t find something I`ve broken for life. If there is a misunderstanding or error somewhere, I`ll be happy to correct, but now it really worried me! What happened to me? Was it hacked? How do I know what happened and what obvious injuries occurred? I have kept this account for over 17 years, and in addition to giving it the same way, I have kept personal, professional and meaningful information in my account for more than 17 years. Is there a way to find out what happened and explain what happened? I have to agree, I got what is called an answer after asking for an escalation. You are simply injured and we will not charge you any more bills in the future. No refund for existing funds on Skype, Xbox, etc. Very disappointed by their performance and lack of explanation. “Microsoft disabled access to the account due to a serious breach of the Microsoft Services agreement disabled. As stated in the Microsoft Services agreement, you can no longer access services that require a Microsoft account. For all account-related subscriptions, Microsoft will immediately stop paying the additional credit card recorded in the file. My accounts were all blocked by a violation of Microsoft`s terms and conditions.

This has been applied on Skype, Xbox, a reader, email and so on. This is a serious offence. Maybe right now they should check the date stamp and the sender`s details so they can see who sent it and ban them instead. I sent a reply, but unfortunately I don`t expect an answer and Microsoft is too big to fight – little guy loses again. I`m just confused because at first it was an identification problem, if I were the owner who ends up with an injury without anyone being able to access the account because the account was blocked. Who can hurt someone while a Microsoft account is blocked!! Microsoft would therefore have a serious problem. There`s something else I don`t understand! I will try to reach microsoft support by phone for the third time (the first 2 were from Greece, where the agent just told me that it will degenerate, twice. I`ll keep you updated for the latest update. I got a message from Microsoft support. You told me that I had a serious injury and a permanently blocked account.

That`s ridiculous. They accuse me of a serious injury, they won`t tell me what it is, and then they will continue to block the account permanently. There is no recourse! I can`t recover at least important emails or files from my OneDrive. 3.) Why can`t I know what my alleged injury is? How do I appeal if I don`t know what I`ve done? I am a user from 2016 and a paid customer for Microsoft services. I have read the code of conduct and I find it very frustrating that Microsoft can block/close a paid 365 account, which prevents the rightful owner from recovering the data and can give no reason to do so. I`ve been stuck for 2 months, 10 times on the phone, and I`ve received all the canned messages you can imagine. If you are a Microsoft agent, you will certainly be able to offer feedback on this post and inability almost certain to ever access a blocked account.

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