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Fta Agreements Eu

The preface (other languages), published in November 2020 by Sabine Weyand, Director-General of DG Trade, provides an overview of the successes achieved in 2019 and the ongoing work for the EU`s 36 main preferential trade agreements. The working document attached by the Commission services contains detailed information under the trade and partner agreements. Many of the EU`s trade agreements are still in the process of ratification and are only provisionally implemented. CETA is a mixed agreement. The chapters falling within the exclusive competence of the Union are currently applied provisionally, but ratification has not yet been completed in the Member States. On the other hand, the chapter on investment protection has not yet been applied until ratification by members. The EU and Singapore have negotiated a free trade agreement and an investment protection agreement, two separate treaties. The trade agreement entered into force at the end of 2019, following the approval of the European Parliament and the Council. The Investment Protection Agreement still needs to be ratified by all Member States according to their own national procedures. In mid-2019, the EU signed a trade agreement and an investment protection agreement with Vietnam. The free trade agreement with Vietnam was approved by the European Parliament in February 2020; Vietnam had previously met EU requirements for compliance with international labour standards. The free trade agreement is expected to enter into force in the summer of 2020.

In addition to bilateral technical cooperation between Member States, EFTA offers technical cooperation to help our partner countries harmonise their legal framework and implement existing rules to facilitate trade. This assistance is provided within the framework of the EEA Agreement and existing free trade agreements. .

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