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Data Processing Agreement Oracle

Personal data is personal data that you provide, which is located on oracle, customer or third party systems and environments and processed by Oracle on your behalf to perform the services. Services Personal data may include, depending on the service, information relating to family, lifestyle and social circumstances; employment details; financial details; Online identifiers such as mobile device identifiers and IP addresses, as well as online behavior and interest data of first-time buyers. Personal data may relate to your representatives and end users, for example.B. Your employees, candidates, contractors, collaborators, partners, suppliers, customers and customers. Oracle may process personal data from the Services for processing activities necessary to perform the Services, including to test and apply new versions of products or systems, patches, updates, and updates, as well as to correct errors and other issues you have reported to Oracle. For personal data contained in system operating data collected in the EU, our legal basis for processing this information is our legitimate interest in the performance, maintenance and safeguarding of our products and services, as well as the efficient and proper functioning of our business. Personal data may also be processed on the basis of our legal obligations or our legitimate interest in complying with those legal obligations. The audit must not be performed more than once during a twelve-month period during normal business hours, subject to Oracle`s on-site guidelines and regulations, and must not unduly affect the business. If you wish to use a third party to perform the audit, the external auditor is mutually agreed to by the parties and the external auditor must comply with a written confidentiality agreement acceptable to Oracle.

Upon completion of the audit, you will provide Oracle with a copy of the audit report, which will be classified as confidential information in accordance with the terms of your agreement with Oracle. Oracle contributes to these audits by providing you with the information and support reasonably necessary to perform the audit, including all relevant records of processing activities applicable to the Services. . . .

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