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Alberta Residential Tenancy Lease Agreement

The tenant undertakes to immediately report to the lessor all damage that may occur in the premises throughout the rental. The tenant is responsible for maintaining snow on all sidewalks of the lot. The tenant must keep the lawn on the reasonably short ground, water it if necessary and prevent the growth and spread of all formations. All damage to the lawn during the lease, be it death stains, weeds, etc. The tenant is responsible for the amount of any damage or cleaning costs going beyond the deposit. It is also agreed and understands that the tenant cannot apply the deposit to a rent due to the lessor during the lease. If the tenant terminates this rental agreement within three months of the occupation of the premises, his deposit is cancelled to the lessor as a lump sum damages to cover the relocation costs and not as a penalty. If the tenant does not start properly or does not exceed the duration of the rental and the lessor is able to rent the premises again, a relocation fee of $____ is deducted from the deposit. . . .

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