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Agreement In Arabic

In this article, I explain an important but simple rule related to subject-verb concordance in Arabic. If the verb follows the subject, it must correspond to him in number and sex, z.B. but if the verb is in front of the subject, it corresponds only to the subject in the sex and it remains singular, tender. – اِتّحاد، اِتّفَاق، اِتّفاقِيّة، اِنسِجام، اِئتِلاف، إِجماع، إصر، إِطباق، إقرار، إِلَاف، أُلفَة، أمَان، تَجَاوُب، تَسلِيم، تَطَابُق، تَعاقُد، تَفَاهُم، تَمَاثُل، تَمَشّ، تَنَاغُم، تَوَافُق، حُرمَة، ذِمّة، رِضىً، سَلاَم، صَفقَة، عَقد، عَهد، قَبَالَة، قَبُول، مُتَابَعَة، مُجَارَاة، مُشارَطَة، مُطَابَقَة، مُعَاهَدَة، مُقَاوَلَة، مُلاَءَمَة، مُواءَم، مُوَاءَمَة، مُواطَأَة، مُوَافَقَة، مِيثاق، نِسبَة، وِفَاق، وِفاقِيّ، وِئَام – 1) -harmony of people- 2) -compatibility of observations- 3) -the statem 4) – the thing that has been arranged or agreed – 5) – the determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of verbal relations – 6) – the verbal act of consent – [synonyms]: concordance, disposition, concordance, correspondence, understanding, synthesis, when the subject arrives according to the verb, it corresponds to it, both in sex and in number; But if he comes before that, he is in agreement with him in sex, but remains unique at all times. This rule is not influenced by the temporal form of the sentence, that is, it applies to any verb and subject, regardless of the form of the tense. Can you start the following sentences with the verb taking this rule into account? الطالبتان تدرسان في الجامعة. . . .

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